Stanly Generators

Generator Details

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Perkins Engine specifications

- Multi cylinder
- 4 strokes
- Water cooled Radiator with belt driven blower fan and full guarding
- Direct injection (above 20kVA)
- Electric starter with solenoid Relay
- Battery Charger Alternator
- Energized to rum solenoid
- Replaceable fuel, oil and air filters
- Primary water separator*
- Heavy duty leads acid battery
- One loosed supplied industrial exhaust silencer
- Electronic speed governor (above 80 KVA)

Alternator specifications

Available 3 different alternators (Leory Somer - Maccalte - Stamford)

Electrical features

- Brushless
- Synchronous
- Self excited
- Self regulated of 0.5% voltage regulation
- THD of less than 4%
- Power factor of 0.8

Mechanical features

- Air cooled
- Class H insulated
- Single bearing
- Flexible discs coupling
- Drip proof of IP21/23
- Dynamically balanced rotor
- Steel frame

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