Al Arabiya is specialized in Diesel engine driven equipments that cover agriculture, construction, and power generation sectors.

Al Arabiya was established in 2005.

Al Arabiya has the highest grade of quality ISO 9001:2001, and ISO 9001:2008.

Most of our products’ components are European made with high quality and long term warranty.

Our products are exported to different countries, and we have high credibility among our customers around the world.

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Why Us?

High quality

Committed to providing quality products as a major competitive advantage

Competitive prices

Our products are competitively priced with best performance to value ratio

Innovative solutions

Continuous development of product characteristics to meet consumer requirements

Consumer satisfaction

All our resources are directed to providing products that satisfy and earn our consumer's trust

After-sales service

Communication channels are always open with you and your comments are taken very seriously


We meet your requirements within a clear schedule and reasonable dates

Electric Power Generation
We have worked with generator set manufacturers to bring light, warmth, protection, and peace of mind to thousands of people.
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