About Us

.Our mission at Al Arabiya is to deliver the optimum energy solutions for our customers through our high quality, dependable products and services. 

Al-Arabiya for Industry & Trading in Alexandria, Egypt was established in 2005 operating under the name of Stanly Generators.

We assemble high quality diesel generators that compromise of world leading engines with proven reliability to highly efficient and robust alternators to provide a stable power source. Over the years, Stanly generators has built a reputation in performing at low fuel consumption and outstanding durability. Stanly provides tailored solutions to meet and exceed the needs of global markets and customers in various industries. We sold to over 11 countries in different industries from malls, electrochemical, petroleum companies, to military.

Our vision at Al Arabiya is to create innovative energy solutions to power the development of a better world. 

When we think about a gen-set, we think about a backup power that works when other fail, and in tough and harsh conditions to sustain work, safety, and civilized life. We focus on 4 main points: Serviceability, Durability, Quality, and Handling, to build a reliable and easy to use gen-set called Stanly generators.

Stanly generators deliver reliable performance in demanding conditions. The constant development and experience with different industries makes Stanly generators the must have backup power solution that you can rely on. We can cater to a wide range of products and options to fit your specific needs.


Case Studies

We had the pleasure of catering to our customer's different needs in the past by overcoming certain challenges in the very sensitive and precise projects we were offered. 


(below are examples but not limited to)

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